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Porchlight Players

Welcome to the home of western Eagle County’s premier theatrical community! Porchlight Players was founded in 2004 to provide opportunities to both attend and participate in live theater in western Eagle County.  While numerous theatrical opportunities exist in the eastern end of the valley around Vail and Beaver Creek, distance and cost combine to make live theater inaccessible to a great number of people in our west-end communities.


Our mission is simple:  provide convenient and economical access to live theater, be it through attending performances or participating in the production of theatrical events. By the end of our 2018 season, we will have completed 43 productions:  twenty-seven plays/musicals, thirteen Summer Children’s Theater Camps and three cemetery tours in Red Cliff, Eagle and Gypsum. We are currently planning our 2020 season, which will include our 14th Summer Children’s Theater Camp held in Gypsum and our tenth Valentine’s Day dinner theater at the Brush Creek Pavilion.  We have worked relentlessly to make our vision a reality.

Porchlight Players relies completely on community support to fund its productions.  The people of Eagle and Gypsum have shown that they support a local community theater company, and we have received consistent support from both Town of Eagle and Town of Gypsum, local businesses and community members through sponsorships, advertising in our programs and gate receipts.  We are committed to using these funds as responsibly as possible to maintain the trust of those who have given to us. 


Please consider supporting Porchlight Players! Contributions may be made on our web site, or by mailing your tax-deductible donation to: Porchlight Players, P.O. Box 5004, Eagle, CO 81631. On behalf of the entire company, we thank you for your interest in and support of live theater in our community!

Ann Olin, President, Porchlight Players Community Theater Company

  • Why Support Community Theater
    Porchlight Players is a non-profit organization.Ticket sales pay for less than 35% of what it has cost to: Produce plays, musicals and other events, as well as to educate more than 100 students in our annual summer children’s theater camp. When we decide to put on a production, we rely heavily on those who are willing to volunteer their time to the theatre. These volunteers will help create the sets, promote the show, and even act in the production themselves. More often than not, these wonderful individuals do not get anything out of their volunteer hours except for the pleasure of helping our community theatre. Our theatres often don’t make very much money, if any at all, from a production. It is extremely common that the money made from a show is put right back into the theatre in order to keep operations running. Truthfully, volunteer work is the lifeblood of these theatres when putting on productions, which ultimately brings the community together – it’s a win-win for everyone
  • Where does the money go?
    If you have ever found yourself wondering why you have to pay an admission price to see a play put on by locals, think about what the ticket cost covers. Yes, lots of volunteer hours went in to putting on the show you are about to see, but that doesn’t mean that the production did not cost anything. Typically, community theatres do not pay those who participate in the play either; the majority of that money was put towards copyrights, the space, and set and costume design materials.

PORCHLIGHT PLAYERS is a non-profit organization. Ticket sales pay for less than 35% of what it costs to produce plays, musicals and other events, as well as to educate the more than 100 students in our annual summer children’s theater camp.

Thank You!
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Our Sponsors

One way we are able to keep our costs in check is to be a nearly 100% volunteer-run organization. The sheer number of volunteer hours put in by the Board of Directors, actors, set crew, stage crew, directors, musical accompaniment, and production crew is astounding, measuring in the hundreds for each and every show. We also receive grants from the Towns of Gypsum and Eagle, and from the Eagle River Foundation, which have donated both funds and facility use to help offset costs. Many local businesses and individuals, such as the N.M. Morris Family Foundation; Slifer, Smith and Frampton; Alpine Bank; PSI Plumbing, Inc.; B’Nai Vail Congregation; Donald and Dorothea Smith; Distinguished Property Care; and Bonfire Brewery to name a few, have shown their support throughout the years with sponsorships and advertisements in our programs.

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